List of honest lawyers = zero ?

A very Long Wait To Vote for Next President!

Should a president found guilty of treason have a military trial facing the firing squad?

Run for congress! Make 5 or 6 votes while your in and become a millionaire as the bribery continues in politics. Get paid for voting like the senate and congress have been doing for years! They make millions!

Let's just get it over with and have every person on earth move into the United States of America instead of cleaning up their own country! How long will the waiting list be to get food at the grocery store 4 or 5 years?

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Your personal information will be SOLD!

NOTE! Paul Ryan got $172,805.00 for his yea vote!

All Democrats voted Nay.

1.Go to Original website!(click bribe data below)

2.Go to bottom of page and click on Member_Industry_List

Congress has now allowed my ID for sale.
As the one and only
Owner of my ID the price for any business or anyone using my ID is
48% of the gross profit made by that business or person. Thank you.

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Since elected Trump has told 1,318 documented lies as of 10/23/2017

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cuffs☺♪♫   Trump Needs Mental Checkup   ☺♪♫

Click here to see why the quality of education, life, food, medical care, housing, transportation etc. is going down?↓


(That were caught by the other criminal politicians)

Countries that can afford healthcare for their Citizens↓

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