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A very Long Wait To Vote for Next President!

Days we need to wait before we get rid of Donald J Trump

WE need to end the democrat and republican methods of politics now. We need to elect people that will be held accountable for their actions or be swiftly eliminated from their position.
Every living plant and animal knows that politics is a criminal organization. If anyone joins it they quickly learn that their election methods and criminal behavior is geared to serve themselves and not the people they are suppose to govern. It is totally a welfare organization funded by the taxpayers. They want the taxpayers to pay for the costs of their election, pay for the total cost of their living, healthcare, and 100% of everything that allows them to live better than most people on earth. The working people's wages are regulated. People who create all the products airplanes, cars homes and supply the food, healthcare, entertainment etc. only make enough money to survive from week to week. They are so busy trying to survive and confused by politics that the criminals get away with everything. Like lobbying which is just a criminal method to make money for the senate and congress. All of this information is public knowledge and can be found if people are not to worn out to look for it. The good side of this horrible condition is that many of them are too stupid to even be good criminals. They think that people are too stupid to realize they are criminals. Are they right? The proof that politics is a criminal organization making money for the members and are only concerned with governing their money and not the American people can be found on every TV news channel in America and at http://www.opensecrets.org. Remember all politicians have sworn oaths of office which means that if they lie or break ANY rules of the constitution like 18 U.S. Code § 1001 lying or 18 U.S. Code § 201 accepting money for favors is a federal crime and can't be explained away legally.


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Put Lobbyist to congress in the search window at Opensecrets.org

when you click on bribery data website below ↓↓↓!

Check law 18 U.S. Code § 201 - Bribery of public officials

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You can see why politicians don't want a real job!

Like the director of consumer finance M. Mulvaney explained on TV, If you want the congress or senate to do anything you need to give them some lobby before they will even listen to you. (lobby usually equals millions of dollars in the crooked oragnization callled politics language).

From 1/1/2018 to 2/8/2018 Paul Ryan has made


$1,135,500.00 (38days) Is that legal?

What has Paul Ryan done for you?

1. Go to list of criminals (click bribery data below)

2. Go to bottom of page and click on Member_Industry_List

Congress has now allowed my ID for sale.
As I am the one and only owner
of my ID the price for any business or anyone using my ID is
48% of the gross profit made by that business or person. Thank you.

Click here for bribery data website.

Since elected Trump has told 2, 329 documented lies as of 02/10/2018

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cuffs☺♪♫   Trump Needs Mental Checkup   ☺♪♫cuffs

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(That were caught by the other criminal politicians)

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